We are back!
The last weekend of March 2007, Instinct will once again host a Party in the town of Lund in southern sweden. Last year was a big success and although the meeting place was cosy and had the right data smell, we felt that a bigger place was needed. Hence, this year, we bring you a place large enough to host a big bunch of data-people and real data machinery.

Just like last year the enterance fee is 100 SEK and will go directly to the nice guys at LTH from whom we’re renting the place. Due to advertising restrictions stated by the University of Lund(tm), we’re not allowed to announce the details of the party place officially, but we promise you that it’s a good and well tested one! You will therefore receive an email with all details after signing up below.

Smoke outside and bring your own drinks.

We are expecting to arrange compos in the usual data diciplines. We do, however, reserve the rights to settle any competition with traditional Tour De France battle. Last year showed impressive releases. Can we do it again? Yes you can!Sleeping
Although we’d prefered if you stayed awake partying, we realize we’re becoming old farts (speaking for ourselves). Don’t worry! There will be plenty of space for soggy sleeping bags.

For questions, send e-mail to raveguru (at) retrohackers (dot) org.

Sankt Lars 2006 stuff:

Sign up!
The following people have already signed up:

  1. RaveGuru/Instinct
  2. JackAsser/Instinct
  3. Violator/Alphaflight
  4. Frantic/HT
  5. Mogwai/Defiers
  6. Johey/D4rkn3ss
  7. Jucke/Judas
  8. Mindcooler/Sys5
  9. MagerValp
  10. Twoflower/Triad
  11. Stash
  12. Hollowman/FLT
  13. Fix/TRSi
  14. Pernod/HZ
  15. Dane
  16. Puterman/FLT
  17. Morphfrog
  18. Skyflash/Oneway
  19. Spacecadet Gordon Aquabutt
  20. Fortytwo
  21. Booger/HT
  22. ZZAP69
  23. linde/rPC
  24. nutsack/nofx
  25. Minksler/nofx
  26. Moppe/Oneway
  27. iTCH/nofx
  28. Oxidy/FLT
  29. radiantx/Panda Design
  30. buzzie/adam b
  31. zabutom/Fairlight
  32. Taper/TRIAD
  34. Yarrick/kryo
  35. flex/kryo
  36. HCL/BoozeDesign
  37. lft/kryo
  38. thec
  39. breakin
  40. caincan
  41. pomac
  42. DCMP
  43. Rusty46
  44. moh/panda design
  45. Gizmmo / DHS
  46. Macx
  47. bouncy
  48. nemcue
  49. sasq
  50. Spot/Triad/Up Rough
  51. Kanalje
  52. Qwan/Up Rough/La Paz
  53. JeiEffKei/Triad
  54. Moonray/Rawhead
  55. Qdor

NEWS! Yes, we will send you the e-mail soon! Please bear with us (actually it’s just me, RaveGuru, you must bear with.. but still) 🙂

NEWS!! Actually we will send you the e-mail reeeally soon… Oh yes we will!